If you don’t have the on-hand cash to buy your next used car outright, or if you simply don’t prefer to do this, securing a loan is a great option. Car loans enable buyers to pay off their vehicles over a designated time frame a with monthly payments at a given interest rate. As with any loan, it’s vital to keep current with car loans in order to protect your credit and to avoid losing your vehicle. Here are some tips to ensuring you can pay off your loan.

Make Payment on Time

When you finalize your car loan, a specific date will be set when your payment will be due. It’s critical to never miss this deadline. Missed payments will not only result in late fees but can cause more serious problems like damaged credit or even repossession of the car. Get in the habit of paying on time no matter what. A good piece of advice is to set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account.

Put Some Money Down

At the time of the purchase, you may be required to put a certain amount of money down for the car. If possible, make a larger-than-necessary down payment. This will lower the principal and the monthly payment, thus making it more manageable.

Call For Help When You’re in Trouble

While you should never intentionally miss your payment, life happens and circumstances make it difficult or impossible to keep up with your loan. Perhaps medical bills pile up, or perhaps you have a job loss or personal tragedy. There are legitimate reasons why paying on time will not be easy. Your lender recognizes this as well. However, if this happens to you, don’t ignore the late notices or neglect the loan. Talk to your lender and explain your situation. Your lender will work out a plan to help you so that you don’t get behind and default.

Staying current on your loan is vital. Practice this tips and have the peace of mind of financial security.